Hoax about Magh Mela – Allahabad

Hoax about Magh Mela – Allahabad

Attending Magh Mela was always in my head since a while. I have always thought of visiting some holy river during Magh Mela. For me Magh Mela is Makkar Sankranti (that is what we call in Nepal). Few months back, I received calls from some folks who were pimping us (me and my company) to promote Magh Mela in the name of Kumbh Mela. And my reply was blunt “No” ‘coz that’s not our work ethics.


Ladies offering morning prayer at Ganges – Image shot during Allahabad Maha Kumbh mela

Right now as I am laying down in bed and doing research on Magh Mela, I can’t believe the kind of hype these local travel agents created. They are inviting travelers and photographer and people interested in Hindu religion to attain Magh Mela in Ganges at Allahabad ; with fake promises and fake photographs of crowd and sadhus from Kumbh Mela.

After spending 4 months in Allahabad during Kumbh Mela (Ardh Kumbh 2005 and Maha Kumbh 2013), I can recognize the pantoon bridge and the roads at Allahabad even when I am blindfolded. In the name of inbound tourism, these folks are promoting Magh Mela saying that Naga Sadhus will attain and etc etc bullshit.

Personally I never had experience of visiting Magh Mela but then this doesn’t means I didn’t do any research on it. Being a traveler and travel photographer, I not only travel but also read and do detailed research before heading out from my den in Delhi. I personally spoke to couple of Naga Sadhus (whom I know personally), some Tantrik, and many of the old aged person practicing Hardcore Hinduism.

If you are traveling to Magh Mela thinking it as a Kumbh Mela, then its complete waste of money and time. But then if you are traveling to experience Magh Mela and feel the cultural and religious values of Magh Mela without any expectation of seeing Naga sadhus, massive crowds, sadhus; then you will have wonderful experience of being on the bank of Holy Ganges while absorbing the positive vibes of Ganges.

Jai Ganga Maa !!

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